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Pile foundations elements, the ASPG-2 project

Pile foundations elements, the ASPG-2 project


Project owner: 
Arctic SPG-2 (Novatek PJS)

VMZ SC, Severstal Distribution SC

Gydan peninsula

The piles Ø159-530mm with protective anticorrosive coating

BT SVAP LLc has implemented a complex supply of piles Ø159-530mm with protective anti-corrosion coatings. These pile products with a special protective coating, manufactured by BT SVAP LLC, are used in the arrangement of pile foundations as part of the construction projects for the ASPG-2 plant. 

 The use of this protective anticorrosive coating made it possible to ensure high performance characteristics of the finished product and to guarantee the protection of metal structures from external mechanical and corrosive effects. 

 The delivery of pile products was carried out by BT SVAP LLC in the period from February to December 2020. to the required delivery basis (port of Arkhangelsk) in full compliance with the project requirements according to the schedule agreed with the Customer.

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